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Check-In Forms

Hiring Forms

  • Confidential Data Sheet
    • This form is required only if your address has changed within the last year. Once complete, it can be interoffice mailed directly to “Human Resources.”
  • Lifeguard Physical Appointment
    • Once you complete your physical, you must turn in a completed Lifeguard Physical Appointment form to your Aquatic Supervisor. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
  • Request for Work Permit
    • If you are a minor, you must turn this form into your school in order to process your work permit. Work permits are required for minors.
  • W-4
    • This form should be filled out and turned in with your first timecard. If you are unsure how to fill this form out, consult your parents, guardians, or the IRS.

Miscellaneous Forms

  • Additional Uniform Request Form
    • This form is to be filled out by lifeguards wishing to purchase additional uniform items. Please contact your Aquatic Supervisor for the current uniform item prices and then submit this form along with a check made out to East Bay Regional Park District to your Aquatic Supervisor. Your item will generally arrive within 1-2 weeks from the date of ordering.
  • Change of Address Form
    • If you move during the lifeguard season, please fill out this form and submit it via interoffice envelope to Human Resources.
  • Direct Deposit Sign-Up and Authorization
    • If you want your pay check directly deposited into your bank account, fill out this form and submit it with your timecard. It generally takes between 1-2 pay periods for this to take effect.
  • Hepatitis B Interest Form/Sign Up
    • If you are interested in receiving a Hepatitis B vaccination, fill out this form and interoffice it directly to Risk Management. They will contact you to schedule an appointment. If you haven’t already gotten this vaccination, it is a good idea to get it now.
  • USLA Membership Form
    • This link will direct you to the USLA website. Lifeguards are able to join directly through the website. If the application asks, our chapter is East Bay Regional and our region is Northwest. Current lifeguards should join at the Professional level.