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2017 Junior Guard Survey

When looking at program evaluations over the years, one of the messages that comes up time and time again is that our program is unique because it offers two things that few other programs offer.  First of all, it offers access to water, something that is increasingly hard to come by in urban environments.  The second thing that sets us apart has to do with our weekly themes, which help keep the camp fun and interesting from week to week.

The following questions will ask for your opinions about our themes.

2 We're always looking to keep the program new and exciting.  One way we do that is by changing the weekly themes.  Are there any new themes you think would make for a great session?
4 Over the past few seasons, our themes have been evolving.  Some have blended together while others have been dropped entirely.  Are there any themes that you think we should retire?
6 Of the four themes that were offered this past season, are there any themes we should definitely offer again next season?
8 If you have any additional comments about the themes, please feel free to add them below.

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