We require JGs to wear a uniform for team camaraderie and for safety. The uniforms allow the Instructors to safely monitor the Junior Guards and distinguish them from other children on the beach. Junior Guards must wear the required uniform in order to participate in the program. It is for this reason that any junior lifeguards not in uniform will be unable to participate in program activities.

The cost of a uniform t-shirt and rashguard is included in the program cost.  These items will be issued on the first day of the program.  Either a shirt or rashguard must be worn at all times.  

We regularly stock t-shirts in youth size large and adult size small.  Rashguards come in youth medium and large as well as adult small, medium, large and exra large.  Instructors will try their best to make issue the most appropriate size t-shirt to each junior guard.  

Additional Uniforms Items can be purchased through special arrangement with Aaron Roth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

What’s required:
Please Mark ALL ITEMS with first and last name with permanent marker

  1. Rashguard and shirt with JG logo (provided by EBRPD)
  2. Swim Trunks (brought by program participant)
  3. Bathing Suits: Girls can wear either a one-piece or two-piece blue swimsuit. If a two-piece suit is worn, it CANNOT be a string bikini.
  4. Shoes (any type)
  5. Optional: additional layering like sweatpants, jackets, and towels


JG Program Curriculum

When checking-in your JG on the first day, you will be given a copy of the session's lesson plan. Click on the session to view the lesson plan below. 

Session 1 + 8: X-Treme

Session 2 + 5: Survivor: Junior Lifeguard

Session 3 + 6: Lifeguard 101

Session 4 + 7: Island Life!


* To celebrate the end of each session, there is a potluck every Friday during the lunch hour.  On Wednesday, your JG will volunteer/be assigned something to bring and/or a few dollars for pizza.

* Clean-up is from 3:45-4:00 pm.  Please wait to sign-out your child until 4:00 pm.  We like to have everyone pitch in and pick-up all personal belongings, trash, JG equipment and leave the program area cleaner than how we found it.  We appreciate your patience!

JG Program Overview

Our Junior Lifeguard Instructors (JGIs) are all certified lifeguards with East Bay Regional Park District’s Lifeguard Service. All have participated in our rigorous training JGI boot camp to prepare for working as an instructor in our program.

There are 8, one week sessions, with each session running Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Each session has a specific theme. In addition to the Junior Lifeguard core curriculum, each day there will be a theme-based curriculum comprising 1 to 1.5 hours in the morning and afternoon. Children who participate each session will receive a commemorative pin and certificate of program completion recognizing their accomplishment.
If a registrant requires accommodations, please contact Aaron Roth at (510) 690-6624 or arothThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about specific accommodations needed.
2018 Locations:‚Äč
  1. Contra Loma Regional Park
  2. Lake Anza in Tilden Regional Park
  3. Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area
  4. Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area (Session 4-7 only)
  5. Crown Memorial State Beach (Session 2, 4, 6 and 8 only)
Participants must pass a 25 yard swim test administered on the first day of each session. Parents must be present for this swim test.  Instructors will evaluate swimmers based on their swimming competence and confidence. If a child does not pass the swim test, they will be asked to either remain in chest deep water or wear a lifejacket when going past chest deep water.

2018 Tentative Session dates & descriptions:
Session 1: June 18 - 22 & Session 8: August 6 - 10 
Imagine taking all the crazy stuff from the the other 7 weeks and compressing them into one week... well, that's what we did! Time to have fun, check out what each theme has to offer, and experience everything you might miss due to family vacations and summer plans. One word: enjoy! in 
Session 2: June 25 - 29 1 & Session 5: July 16 - 20
Survivor: Junior Lifeguard 
Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild, natural disasters, emergency situations, and perhaps a zombie attack? This week focuses on prepardness! JGs will learn how to use radios, fight off sharks, build fires, and make a SOS signal large enough for a helicopter to see. They'll also have several visitors from Emergency Response vocations. 

Session 3: July 2 - 6 & Session 6: July 23 - 27
Lifeguard 101
Do you want to be a lifeguard someday? If so, this is THE theme for you! This theme lets Junior Lifegaurds who want to go to the next level and participate in activities that only professional lifeguards do: pattern diving, rescue deployment, defensive moves in the water, and physical training. JGs will train with the lifeguard staff, learn about alternate duties, and shadow lifeguard.  

Session 4: July 09 -13 & Session 7: July 30- August 3
Island Life! 
Imagine spending most of your day out on the water! While the kids won't actually be living the island life or becoming a pirate, they'll get a taste of snorkling, stand up paddle boards, inflatable rafts, and kayaking. With other fun activities on-land, JGs will be soaked by the end of each day! 

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